Pokemon are the fundamental elements in the game. These are the features that will help the players in playing the game.  before a person plan to play the game, he should, first of all, make a complete analysis regarding the various types of pokemon that are available on the various platforms.

Then they need to gather complete detail regarding the pokemon by creating pokemon go accounts that makes the selection of the pokemon a bit easy for the player as per the current situation. In This article will examine the different sorts of pokemon that the players in this game use.


This is one of the most incredible water pokemon that becomes more grounded, particularly in the stormy season. It is known to have two best actions with the water one is the hydro pump, and the other is the waterfall. Tragically, this pokemon does not have the flexibility that makes individuals pause for a moment before choosing this sort of pokemon while playing the game.


This is a type of dragon flying pokemon that is used by people on a very large scale. This is the pokemon that is known to have the power of the dominating attack on its enemies. He can cover various things like the water, fire, and snow.


This is perhaps the best kind of pokemon that is presented by this game to the players. This is a pokemon that is known to be compelling in the situation when there are sun rays to their height.

Furthermore, they are the flying terminating kind of pokemon. Besides, they have the twofold opposition power that makes them probably the ideal choice to battle against the bug and the grass adversaries.


This is one of the pokemon known to be the ice pokemon and is known to give counters to the different dangers like the Dragonite, salamence, and many others. Mamoswine is the pokemon known to have a lot of force tank that assists him with fighting out of the harm.


This is one of the most outstanding rating pokemon that the game proposes to the players. However, Tyranitar is known to be slower than numerous other such sorts of companions, and they can undoubtedly fall against the other accessible pokemon.


Metagrass is the one that is known to have the uncommon sort of mix, and it is known to have a solid cp with a cautious framework. Accordingly, it is one of the all-rounder contenders that play against the different pokemon that are accessible in the game.

The player can just create the pokemon go accounts and research the various available pokemon. The quantities of pokemon that this game offers are not restricted to the previously mentioned, as and when the player begins playing the game. An individual should make the selection of the pokemon after going through their various features and also their specialization so that they end up in taking the right decision at the right time.


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