When it comes to internet and web surfing, there is no coming back. Whether you want to search for a home remedy or you want a solution to your tech problem, all is there just one click away. With millions of features and tools to help you walk every single step towards your goal, it is no less than a blessing.

How many times it has happened that you thought to work on a project but ended up procrastinating. As it goes with technology, it can be a boon or a bane, and it all depends upon how you use it. It can kill most of your precious time just popping up social media notifications and distracting you away, or you can turn this into the most useful tool. It is in your hands to make the most out of it. So to make things more leisurely, why not get some google chrome extensions to increase productivity.


Well, if you search for google chrome extensions, you get a long list of more than hundreds, but you need to choose the best. So to ease your trouble and help you make things smoother, we have carefully picked five best google chrome extensions for productivity.

  1. TODOIST: What more can be more useful than a shortcut to see your everyday to-do list right in front of your eyes while you are busy at work. TODOIST is a simple yet highly productive task management tool. It is also helpful when you need to keep track on deadlines and need to prioritize your work accordingly.
  1. STAYFOCUSD: If it’s hard for you to resist checking your social media handles, this one is probably a must for you. This fantastic extension helps you to put a limit on the time you spent on a site. For instance, if you set a limit of 5 minutes for LinkedIn, then your site will get automatically blocked for the rest of the day after reaching its limit. This way, you can focus on your essential work.
  1. TOGGL: Well if you feel TODOIST lacks somewhere, then TOGGL is your next hunt. This extension helps you keep track on the time you spent on each site. So you can now easily track your work hours for the day and modulate it as needed.
  1. GRAMMARLY: Well, if you are spending time online, you must be typing a lot, and it becomes a lot easier with Grammarly extension to type error-free. Most importantly, it saves you from embarrassment while replying to a tweet, by just automatically showing you the errors in your comment.
  1. ADBLOCK: You surely know well how irritating it can be to see those irrelevant ads while you are working on something significant. All you need to do is get this chrome extension to block ads everywhere, and you will get rid of all the ads that keep on popping up.

Isn’t it sounds great to have all the necessary extensions just on your fingertips? Whether it’s tracking your daily activities, prioritizing your task, or putting a limit to the time you spend on Facebook or Twitter, you can solve all your worries with these amazing chrome extensions.


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