Are you interested in poker or in learning slot online terpercaya ? Then you must be practicing on that. But do you think it’s enough? No. So, you might be wondering what else you need to learn in the poker game. Have you heard about the poker terminologies like terms and phrases? If you need to become the best poker player, then you must learn the words.

It’s not new for a player to learn about the Poker terms as it applies to all the fields. Here, to help you out, we researched and listed the vital poker terms with their meaning. They are,

Ace High: A poker hand where the highest card is Ace without having a single pair of combinations.

Action: It indicates any activities, including bet, raises, call, check, fold, and much more.

A-Game: It refers to the poker playing with the optimal mental condition. It is also known as ‘in the zone.’

Angle: It refers to the unfair manipulation of the rule to take advantage of the game.

Bankroll: It is considered to be the amount deposited by the player on the game.

Bad Beat: It refers to the losing game in unfortunate situations.

Bot: A non-human robot player who is illegal

Bounty: It is a prize which would be provided after winning against the professional player.

Brick: It refers to the cards which are not suitable for any possible draws.

BRM: It is the acronym with expansion as Bank Roll Management

Calling station: It indicates the bad player of poker who frequently calls.

Case: It is the last card of a particular rank present in the deck.

Cash Game: This is also known as the Ring Game, where the players are allowed free and could leave anytime.

C-Game: This is the poker game played by a player who has a poor mental state.

Chip Dumping: It is the illegal money transfers which are done by using online poker games.

Dealer: It refers to the persons who deal with the cards, and he will be in the button position on the table.

Deuce: It is the nickname for the card with two rank values.

Dead Man’s Hand: It refers to two pair, Aces and Eights.

Dirty stack: It indicates the unorganized chip stack.

Favorite: It points out the player who has the chance to win the game.

Fish: It refers to the weak player in the table.

Free Card: It is a card without additional chips

ICM: it is an abbreviation of mathematical technique, Independent Chip Modelling

Misclick: It is considered a wrong move made by the player accidentally in the online games.

No-Limit: It is a term that refers to when the players could make a bet on any amount in a specific time.

One-Gap: It is used when two cards are not in consecutive direct order.

Ragged: It explains the non-coordinated board texture

Rank: It describes the value or number of a card.

Rebuy: It points out the purchasing of additional chips.

River: This term is known as the last betting round in Hold’em, Omaha and Stud variant.

Sick: It refers extremely cold or extremely unlucky

Whale:  Known for the worst poker player

Don’t you think it would be awkward when you are unaware of the poker term in the middle of the game? Totally and so, we suggest you learn the terminologies used in poker, and we hope the list we mentioned above would be highly beneficial.


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