When you have your swimming pool at home, you should clean it regularly. You can have an inspection at the pool to clean dirt and dust. A step-to-step guide is available on how to clean a green swimming pool with daily maintenance procedures. It reduces the risks of swimming at the green pool. A pleasant experience is available to the individuals.

You can prepare some strategies to follow a guide. It provides the desired results in cleaning and maintaining a clean and green swimming pool. Let us get started to have effective results.

  1. Draining of the green swimming pool 

If your swimming pool has turned into dark green, then it is time to clean it. The first step is the draining of the pool. The washing is with the acid to have desired results. Ensure that the length is up to six to eight inches. The treatment through the chemicals is the best to have great results. You should make the right decision to have excellent cleaning. It is the primary step in how to clean a green swimming pool at home.

  1. Lower the ph level of the green swimming pool 

The next step involves the lowering of ph value of the green swimming pool. For this purpose, you have to test the level before using the products. There are a lot of kits available in the market. The picking of the right one is essential to have the desired results. The charges spent are reasonable for the cleaning of the swimming pool. The meeting of the clean pool expectations is fulfilled through it.

  1. Shock the green swimming pool 

You can kill the bacteria in the pool with the correct product, and there is a creation of sparking water through the procedure. You should know about it to get the desired hygienic conditions. It is an essential step on how to clean a green swimming pool by following a guide and do not skip it. It kills the bacteria and algae available in the green pool.

  1. Pump and filter the green swimming pool 

After the shock treatment, you can pump and filter the green swimming pool. It will depend on the type of filter that you are using. If you have chosen a sand filter, then there is a need to backwash the filter. As a result, it eliminates the dirt and sediment from the pool. The checking of the directions is essential to get excellent results in cleaning a pool

  1. Floc your swimming pool 

After this process, there is no residue available in the swimming pool. It is an essential step to follow when you have decided to clean the green swimming pool. The concentration of the microscopic particles of dirt is less in the pool. The meeting of the expectations is possible for the people. It leaves behind crystal clear water to swim.

The final words 

Thus, these are the steps that you need to follow to clean the green swimming pool with ease and simple measures.


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