Search Engine Optimization works to amplify the engagement to your site. When a person searches for a keyword in any of the search engines, many results appear on the screen in less than a second and it reflects the quality of the search engine. Optimization makes the engagement high so that the websites with high traffic appears on top.

Since every site owner wants to have high traffic on his site, he/she should know the 3 basic types of SEO. An SEO agency form association with different firms to increase their website’s ranking on top search portals.

Types of Search engine Optimization

Technical SEO

This type of SEO works to make your surfing experience satisfactory by analyzing and rectifying the technical issues that can slow down a website. Suppose you are scrolling Instagram, and it slows down not because of internet issues but because of the technical issues in the Instagram website. Technical SEO resolves such problems to make your experience better.

If a site does not slow down, it will gain good rankings and get more quality traffic, and an SEO agency manages it to get high visibility for your site. This type of SEO allows the sites with high ratings recognized by different search engines as Google chrome.

Technical SEO works as a base for any search engine as it looks after it to make the user’s experience enjoyable. Technical SEO makes every website mobile-friendly so that you can access it from anywhere, anytime.

On-Page SEO

 It interacts with the pages on your website and its information. On-page SEO helps to improve the content on the separate pages to relate to the inquiry of the person seeking it. This way, the search portals can better relate the search demand to the improvised page by recognizing the website as necessary and efficient, and this way, your site will become more engaging.

This SEO works by recognizing the keyword that the searcher’s demand and search for a suitable page linked to the page’s content. It assists you by making search portal pick out your website among others because of the quality content. It is mainly responsible for enhancing your page to be searched first.

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO is the technique that can help in your site boosting by creating links and improvising the ratings of your site so that search engines choose the content available on your site. These do not interfere with your site’s content, and that is why it is off-page SEO. It looks for the promotions of your content on different social media platforms because social media is the most engaging of all.


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