Most people have been familiar with the game of poker through popular TV shows,Betist other media or primarily from Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face’. It can be difficult for people who aren’t regular players to grasp the game of cards which is why we offer an overview. Poker is an online card game, which originated within North America, played around all over the world and comes in numerous variations. It is most well-known the United States of North America, although the popularity of online variations has greatly increased its players on Betist.


The game’s origins go through North America, more specifically in it was played in the United States of America around the 1800s. One of the earliest documents of the game was in 18384. It is the first record that we have for the current 52-card deck version.

As the game began to expand the game became more popular in the 1970s, mostly because of the beginning of the World Poker Series. This made it profitable in casinos throughout the US. In addition, the rise of television and the depictions of the sport in mainstream media caused another boom in the 2000s.

The Basics

Although the rules might seem difficult for players who are new however, the rules are easy to follow:

  • The primary goal in the sport is be the winner of the “pot” that’s an expression used to refer to all bets that are placed.
  • It is played typically with a full 52 card deck.
  • They are ranked, usually starting with the most high (A) and moving to Q, K and so on up to 1 or, in certain variations. Certain cards are referred to by the name of “wild cards” this means that the player may choose any name they like to the card. In all variants it is usually the Joker card.
  • At the start of every game at the beginning of every game, the game’s “dealer” is chosen who distributes the cards to the players. In casinos the professional dealer is in the position.
  • Every player places bets and must contribute their bets to the above-mentioned “pot”.
  • If the game is in the end of the betting round when there are more than one players left players must check their hands and the player who has the most winning hand wins and the outcome will depend on the type of game playing.

Poker has grown in popularity around the world. It is also played online which allows it to be played by an even wider audience than it had previously. It has developed into a variety of different variants like draw, straight straight, straight and even single-player video games. Anyone who is looking to enhance their mathematical skills, social skills as well as focus, patience and concentration should consider giving this game a shot!


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