Do you want to know the types of PPE – Personal Protective Equipment Kit? Then here you are landed on the right page. As a responsible employer, you are completely in charge of a healthy and safe working environment for your laborers. You are aware of the safety risks within the sector along with the protective measures which you can consider to overcome these risks.

What is Personal Protective Equipment?

In general, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a set of equipment that you can use in a certain hazardous working environment to guarantee your own safety. Always make use of these personal protective equipment when you are going to work on the construction site.

Types of PPE Kit:

There are certain important types of PPE kits are available. Have a look at below to find everything in detail.

  • Protecting the head with a helmet

In general, wearing a high-quality helmet will offer protection and it can able to prevent serious head injuries. You can choose the strong helmet which is mainly adapted to the working conditions. These days you can able to explore many stylish designs in which you can choose some additional options like comfortable sweatbands and adjustable interior harness.

  • Eye protection with safety goggles

Basically, eyes are the most important part of the body. Each and every day more eye injury cases are admitted in the hospital during their heavy work. But this can be prevented via wearing safety goggles. In case you are going to contact with infrared radiation or bright light, then welding shield or goggles gives you better protection.

  • Hearing protection with earmuffs

If you are working in the high sound level sectors, then sure it is important for you to consider the hearing protection. During that time, the earplugs are very much comfortable, but instead of that, you can try earmuffs, which is more comfortable on the work floor. It is mainly since you can easily wear it or take them off from your ear.

  • Respiratory protection with full-face masks

You must wear a mask, in case you are having direct contact with the hazardous materials in your working environment. Around 15% of the laborers within the EU will inhale smoke, vapors, dust, or powder while executing their tasks. During this time, the dust mask will provide extraordinary protection against dangerous particles and fine dust. In case the materials are very toxic, then you can make use of a full-face mask. This sticks tightly into your face and will protect your mouth and nose against the harmful pollution.

  • Protecting the hand with quality gloves

Basically, fingers and hands will get injured during the work and hence you can protect it perfectly. Based on your sector, you can choose the best quality gloves.

  • Protection against certain cuts via sharp materials
  • Protection against vibrations
  • Protection against splashes through diluted chemicals
  • Protection against bacteriological risks
  • Protection against heat or cold

Apart from the above-mentioned types of PPE fit, you can protect your feet via making use of high-quality safety. Then you also have to wear some top-notch quality clothes like high-visibility pants and jackets which are made up of strong fabric. Therefore you can use all this and grab the extraordinary impacts.


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