If you are planning to go for trading Olymp trade in Indonesia then you should need to know some of the essential things about fees and leverages. There is no need to pay any extra money at the time of depositing the amount which is really a good thing.

If you are willing to do over-night trading then you might have to pay some money for that in percentage like 15%. Rather than this, no account maintenance fees are required. You simply need to choose the subscription plan by comparing them with each other.

Also, it is required to pay fees for the inactivity period. Now if you are not aware of the inactivity period then it means if the account is not used for 180 days then for that you need to pay the fee as a penalty. You can either disable the account or use it within 180 days if you want to avoid the charges.

Olymp trading is absolutely easy to use as in the beginning there is no need to pay fees in order to start trading. You can simply use a demo account and enjoy all the features for free over the application. If you wish to know more about trading then do check out- https://www.opsibinerid.com/ulasan-olymp-trade-pialang-palsu-atau-resmi

Payment method should be clear

Now we know that without payment method trading cannot be possible so in order to know about them you first need to know all the names. Debit/credit card is the first option which is easy as you simply need to enter the details that’s it. Secondly, you can go for a bank transfer.

Bank transfer might take 1-2 days depends on the situation so you need to keep this thing in mind at the time of choosing this option. You can go for the cryptocurrency method or skrill as they are one of the best options for depositing the money into the account.

Leverage is been set up already

It is also called a variable which highly depends on the type of trade. So if you want to avoid paying more money then you should keep the situation in mind. It also offers promising leverage which is 1:400. On the other hand, if we keep the forex pair in mind then their leverage is been set up at 1:20.

The leverages that are been set up are official and sanctioned the same across all the other online brokers. The average leverage is been set up at 1:20 so you should consider this value in your mind.

Withdrawals are safe and secure

If you are willing to pull your money back then it can be done in simple steps. Sometimes it takes days but that only happens in some particular situation only and also you will be informed in that situation. So make sure to keep a check on the message or the notification you will get.

In this way, you can safely use the trading Olymp platform to invest money or to pull it back safely without wasting any further time period.


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