Lightening a cigar is not as easy as lighting a cigarette. Before lighting a cigar, you should learn a proper technique so that you can properly light the cigar. If you light a cigar properly, you can have a good experience with it.

There is a proper procedure for lighting up a cigar, and as a beginner, you should learn it step by step. In some cases, even if the persons are already using cigars, but they are unaware of the proper procedure. So they can even learn the proper procedure. Following are the steps involved in lightening a cigar:

  • Choosing the right flame
  •  Toasting the foot
  • Igniting the filler
  • Releasing the draw
  • Troubleshooting and burning issues

Now we will discuss them one by one in detail:

Choosing the right flame:

This is one of the most important decisions regarding lighting a cigar. You have to be very careful at the time of selecting the flame of the cigar. The flame will even affect the taste of best lighter for cigar, so you should always try to select a flame of good quality so that you can enjoy the original taste of the cigar.

Toasting the foot:

Once you have selected the right flame, now it’s time to toast the feet. This process primes the tobacco for lighting and gives the outer portion a starting. In this process, either you can keep the cigar stationary or the lighter. But it is advisable to keep the lighter stationery and bring the cigar towards it, and you will find that you will have better control over the cigar then you can have on lighter.

Igniting the filler

When the edges have been appropriately toasted, it’s time to start burning the cigar’s filler. This part of the cigar is a little harder to burn, so you have to set the angle accordingly. While you are doing this procedure, you should keep on rotating the cigar in order to get better results.

Releasing the draw:

When you have done the above steps, now the time is to puff the cigar. Now you will bring the cigar near to your lips. Hold the flame approximately half-inch below the cigar foot. Blow in the air and keep on rotating the cigar. Release the pressure of sucking and repeat it two times. On the basis of your will, you can repeat the procedure as many times you wish to do so.

Troubleshooting and burning issues:

Whether he is a beginner or not, every person is not perfect at smoking a cigar, so there are some fundamental problems that he can face; one should keep the solutions of this problem in advance that might come in the near future.

The issues that might occur in the future are:

  • Canoeing
  • Tunnels
  • Runners
  • Splitting Ash
  • Mouse hole Burn


If you burn the cigar with the procedure mentioned above, then the chances of facing any problem will be least, and you will get a good experience.


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