Device for labeling

Labels are flexible and, above all, clean solution for labeling goods or for marking folders and work materials. For mobile use in companies of any industry and size, there are labeling devices for label design. The office professionals of Officelux have tested devices of different manufacturers. In most companies today, labels are no longer designed by hand, but with the help of a labeling device.

The advantages are obvious: the labels written by machines are easier to read and also make a professional impression. Whereas typewriters used to have to be used for this purpose, labeling devices offer much greater convenience.

These small mobile devices prove to be particularly handy and can be easily taken along to the respective place of use. Labels can therefore be created directly where they are later needed. Especially in larger stores, this results in significant time savings. Furthermore, the employees are relieved.

Different designs meet different requirements

In the last few years, different construction methods have become increasingly popular for labeling devices. For example, models with a keyboard layout can be used, while others have a direct PC connection via Bluetooth, so that easily required data can be called up from there.

All labeling devices have one thing in common. They print the designed labels directly. Mobile labeling devices are primarily intended for use in small offices. In larger retail companies, on the other hand, the right label printers are usually used.

In its current test, the Officelux editorial team summarizes once again how different the equipment and handling of label printers are. The office experts have comprehensively compared different labeling devices with each other and in doing so have focused on handling, speed of processing, and of course the price-performance ratio.

A well-known manufacturer came out on top in the first two places. Both the test winner and the runner-up came from Brother.

Officelux chose the P-touch PT-2430PC as the test winner among the labeling devices in the test. For less than 150 euros, buyers can get a hand-held label printer that can be taken anywhere with them. The testers praised in particular the price-performance ratio of the device. Thus the model prints extremely cleanly, but also offers a clean section of the individual labels.

Other Brother models much cheaper

The P-touch QL570 from brother came in second place. Compared to the test winner, the model is once again significantly cheaper and is already offered online at a price of around 76 euros.

Thus it is surely interesting also for those, which must switch only now and then to such a marking device. Brother uses the thermal printing process for this printer. On the one hand, it stands out for its user-friendly operation and on the other hand, it is very cost-effective during operation.

After all, neither ink nor toner needs to be refilled. Therefore the printer is always ready for use with the right paper. Especially from an economic point of view, the Brother model is therefore really convincing.

A little more expensive is the marking device in third place. This is the LabelWriter 450, which is offered by Dymo in the third series and is cheaper than 84 euros. Here, too, the thermal printing technology is used. Unfortunately, there is no keyboard here, so this is a single printer.


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