In this completely digitalized world who don’t want to use new and developed equipment to make their work easier. Bluetooth page-turners empower clients to utilize their feet to swipe starting with one page then onto the next. This vital device will permit you to digitize your whole sheet music library. Step Page Turner is the extraordinary decision for performers and any individual who favors solid, long-living items. Before going for these page Turner’s, you should know some basics like are you going to be benefitted from this and what are the top 5 pages Turner’s that you can prefer.

What is Bluetooth page Turner’s and it’s used?

Bluetooth page-turners are proven to be the best appliance and turner pedals help you to easily turn your pages without using your hands rather than using your feet. These are made to refine the licensed innovation. The following are the best uses of Bluetooth page-turners for which you should give it a try-

  • It has four quiet page-turning pedals. This can be proved to be the best device for musicians and those who take music lessons regularly.
  • These turners are produced using polycarbonate plastic.
  • It is Viable with most gadgets and applications.
  • The device has Non-slip pedal board cushioning.
  • It has a Removable Bluetooth handset that can be utilized as a controller.
  • You can get different pedals and utilize it.

What are the top-5 Bluetooth page Turners?

The following are the best-reviewed page Turner pedals that you can use-

  • IRig Blueturn– This is an Italian brand that is well known for its software and hardware products. It is priced at about 60 Euros. Most of the musicians use it during the office, resident, operas, etc. It is a durable pedal and has a solid plastic casing.
  • IRig BlueBoard– This has an external keyboard i.e. you can use this in controlling music or in external apps and you can use buttons to flip pages and stop and start the music. It has four-foot switches and is priced less.
  • Airturn Ped Pro– This is the slimmest pedal reviewed, very thin, and light so is easy to use. You can straightly connect this pedal into the music app and you don’t need to go to the Bluetooth setting of the device to connect.
  • Airturn Duo– It is a bit bigger than Ped Pro but still it has different functionality. The switches are placed quite apart and so you can easily press them. It is powered by micro USBs for the built-in battery.
  • Pageflip Butterfly– It is powered with two batteries and has bigger switches so it becomes reliable to press it with your feet. It is designable as it is in the form of a butterfly.

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Those who are church musician or live musician, they need to control their iPad to read their chord charts or sheets of music, it becomes difficult to control it but what if you can control it with your foot? A Bluetooth page Turners is a solution for it. This will hold your iPad and music sheets. It works great in turning your page and scrolls down or up. Here is a quick guide that can certainly help you.


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