Why is drilling so difficult?

Some people believe that they can do all the household maintenance tasks. But, the task of drilling is not just any other maintenance task. The process of drilling requires a lot of patience, precision, and expertise. If a normal person tries to drill for the first time, they usually drilling it at the wrong angle, break the drill or destroy its motor, or cannot drill. However, on the other hand, professionals can do the same task in just a few seconds. This is because of their expertise.

Now the question is which part of drilling is difficult exactly? Well, there are two major difficult parts:

  • Angle: The angle at which the hole has to be drilled is very important. If you don’t drill in the correct direction, the hole might not be of any use. While drilling a straight hole at 90 degrees, you might make some errors. And drilling holes at a slant are especially not easy. These require a higher level of precision. However, there is a device available called a Drilling Guide. This device can be used to drill at the required angle without hustle in the first go.
  • Force: Adequate amount of force is also applied to the drill while drilling a hole. The force should not be very low. It won’t help you in drilling. However, applying too much force is more dangerous. It can result in breaking the drill, choking its motor, or, the worst, making a crack on the surface to be drilled. The destroying of the surface is the last thing a driller would want.

Well, we know the problems, but what would be the solution to all these situations? The solution would be a Drilling Guide. Let’s see what it is.

101 Drilling Guide

Drilling Guide is specially made for non-professional drillers who are not good at drilling but need to drill for daily household maintenances. With this device, they don’t have to worry about the angle of the drill at all. The angle can be adjusted through the guide.

There’s a place to attach the drill motor at the rear of the guide, and the attachment of the drill attached to the front of the motor is attached to the front of the guide. Now, the driller has to adjust the Drilling Guide’s angle, and then the driller can begin the drilling.

The driller does not worry about the angle of the drill at all as the angle is locked in the Drilling Guide, and the guide does not move against the wall and would not affect the angle.

However, the drill force still has to be maintained by the driller, and it varies from surface to surface. The guide has no role in it. Anyhow, by just ensuring the angle, our task has been made a lot easier. Even when drilling for the first time, a person can make a perfect drill.


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