In this digital age, everything is available to people in just a click on a device as small as their palm.  A few decades back, it was only witchcraft when one was able to talk to someone halfway across the globe. With the advent of technology, the human race has come very far, things from shopping while sitting on your couch to operating patients using machines have become a necessity in 20th-century life.

Although technology and intelligence have made life easier it comes with a cost associated, like improper use of medicine can lead to the evolution of diseases called superbugs, technology being used to conduct frauds like hacking into a banking system or a security system. Artificial intelligence having both pros and cons of making life more comfortable and helping humankind to achieve things never thought before like time traveling to the artificial intelligence superseding human intelligence could be the worst event in the history of human civilization, respectively.


Currently artificial intelligence lives amongst the human population, it resides in Smartphones which is almost owned by everyone on earth today, it helps people find content over the internet, read the pattern of the user and works endlessly to enhance the experience of the user’s browsing experience. And since Artificial intelligence is so deeply enchanted like this, concerns are justified.

Artificial intelligence as the name suggests is a simulation of the human intelligence process by a machine such as in a computer system. AI system has a behavior that can be associated with the behavior of a human brain like planning, reasoning, problem-solving, learning motion, perception, a consultancy. These are programmed to function themselves and react to a problem by capturing the data of the user.

Artificial intelligence is impacting the future of almost every industry; it acts as the primary driver of emerging technologies and will continue to act as the technological innovator in the foreseeable future. Some more classical AI techniques that will go through extensive research are action planning, multimodal person-machine communication, multi-agent system, artificial vision, humanoid robotics, and development in robotics.

Development robotics may provide the machine with the key feature which is common sense, especially the magnitude to learn the connection between their actions and the effect these products in their surroundings.

An astonishing experience of AI was witnessed in the yearly tournament of DOTA2 by the valve, and it introduced a new best player in the world which happened to be a bot from Open AI. In just two weeks of real-time learning, the bot gained enough knowledge to beat DOTA 2 professional players.

The bot started only with a few basic instructions like dying is bad and killing the enemy is good. It eventually learned to explore the surroundings, learn the inner workings in the game and compete against the highest professional human player with a high degree of success. Comparing the bot accumulated enough experience equal to a professional player in just two weeks whereas the player takes several years.

This demonstrates the astonishing and frightening abilities of AI in the coming future.


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