Minecraft mod provides gamers the ability to add new features to their game. Mods are files that players can download and install on their clients to change the game’s functionality. Some mods are straightforward, requiring merely the addition of a new monster or two to the game.

Others are even more comprehensive and intricate, altering the game’s overall functionality. It can be difficult for players to find the perfect mod because there are many amazing ones available. To explore all of the mods, pick to play one of the best Minecraft servers.

Tetra Mod

It lets you personalize a variety of items and weapons in the Minecraft world. You can explore this mod by joining Minecraft servers, but bear in mind that it will not add any new weapons to the game. However, it will give you the best framework for customizing your weapons or combining parts from several weapons to create a better weapon. This game pushes your personalization abilities to new heights.

Age of Weapons

It is a massive Minecraft mod that adds over 290 new objects to your Minecraft environment. This group of mods has its workbench. By using this mod, you will be able to access weaponry from the stone period to the future, as well as everything in between. And the best part is that you can pick anybody you want. If you prefer the classic version of Minecraft, this is something you should try once.

Portal Gun

Portal gun mods have been around for a long time in Minecraft, so they are famous. The Portal Gun Mod gives players a gun with which they may shoot portals. While firing with the left or right button, this mod will generate a blue and yellow portal. The left button creates a yellow portal, whereas the right button creates a blue gateway. Players may freely alter portal gun attributes in the in-game config menu, making this mod incredibly customizable.

Counter Guns

Anyone who plays Valves Counter-Strike, Global Offensive will enjoy this mod. It currently adds seven new firearms and four new grenades to Minecraft. The mod includes headshots, spray patterns (not the same as in CSGO), a kill feed when a weapon kills someone, and even the same sounds as in CSGO. This mod is only compatible with Minecraft versions 1.10 and 1.11.

Tech Guns

It is a survival mod for Minecraft that adds many new weapons, armor, ores, and structures. There are reload and recoil animations for guns, as well as a new hostile NPC who will equip them (seen on the screenshot above). A Jetpack, Glider, and Face Mask are among the new armor pieces, and they all work well with the update. These new goods get crafted on workbenches, which also allow you to apply skins.


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